Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table Review

Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table Review

If you are in search of a quality inversion table that has advanced features, but is moderately priced, perhaps you should invest in the Teeter EP-960. Inversion tables are the latest trend in town and are now being commonly used to treat back pain and other kinds of spinal ailments.

The inversion table is made to help decompress your spine, alleviating the constant discomfort and stress caused by completing chores and other activities.

Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit Womans Torso

Teeter has been a part of the inversion equipment business since 1981 and has been manufacturing quality products ever since. Roger Teeter, the founder of the brand has worked hard to maintain excellent customer service whilst producing high quality products. Teeter inversion tables are regarded among the best inversion tables in the industry.

The Teeter EP-960 is an advanced model with many high-end features. This helps the product stand apart from other products in the market. Best of all, the EP-960 is perfectly safe to use and has been cleared by the FDA that has categorized it as Class-1 apparatus for helping people with degenerative disc disease, tight and fatigues muscles, and muscle spasms.

Notable Features

  • Sturdy Design - The Teeter EP-960 features a quality frame and is constructed using heavy-gauge steel. The product weighs about 75.5 pounds when completely assembled.
  • EZ-Reach™ Ankle System - This feature is designed to help patients who cannot comfortably bend down and reach their ankles. It also helps cushion your ankles in place for maximum comfort.
  • Traction Handles - TheTeeter EP-960 features traction handles that allow users to stretch back and exercise as much as they can without the risk of injury. The machine can be positioned at various angles for advanced stretching and mobility.
  • Ergo Embrace Support - This useful feature allows users to stretch conveniently in a variety of positions with greater ease and comfort. It also distributes overall weight comfortably around the heels and feet.​
  • Comfort Trak Bed - This model features an advanced comfort trak bed that consists of two pieces, which can be conveniently folded together. It is one of the most comfortable beds in the market and enables improved stretching. This reduces pressure on the back and decompresses your muscles.
  • EZ Angle Tether Strap - Now you can conveniently control the inversion angle using only arm movements. This eliminates the need for you to constantly shift positions, improving the entire experience.
  • Stretch Max Handles - This a relatively new feature that has been added to assist people while inverting. You can conveniently use the handles to invert and then push yourself back to an upright position. The handles also make it easier to perform a variety of exercises for better spine decompression and stress relief.
  • Use Accessories - The inversion table is also designed to accommodate acupressure node accessories and the Lumbar Bridge. For an added price, you can invest in more accessories.

What Customers Say

The Teeter EP-960 has received an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. This indicates a majority of customers was pleased with the product and left outstanding reviews. A medical physician on Amazon had awarded the product five stars saying that it performs exceptionally well.

Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit WOman Upside-Down

According to the customer, the inversion table is an effective way to treat debilitating episodes of back pain when surgery is not an option. This inversion table is a must-have for anybody who wants to improve their quality of life.

Another customer wrote the table is well engineered and will produce effective results if used properly. Start at 35 degrees on your first week. Once you get accustomed to the machine, opt for 65-degree inversion before switching to full inversion.

The customer advises not to judge results before you have tested full inversion. Soon enough, you will start to experience the benefits of hanging upside down.

The inversion table can also be used a good preventive equipment for people who suffer from mild backaches. However, be careful of how you use the product and visit a chiropractor to benefit from expert advice.

Customers were also happy that the product came with an elaborate instructional manual and video. Thoroughly follow the information to assemble the product correctly. If you have any questions, consider contacting an expert to avoid injuries.

As for the downsides, a customer complained the product did not help with their back problems and placed too much pressure on the spine. The customer’s main concern was that it was difficult to get on and off the product.

Additionally, this model is expensive and might not be an affordable option for everybody. Consider investing in a budget-friendly model if the Teeter EP-960 is too hefty on the pockets.

Buying Advice

The Teeter EP-960 can be purchased on Amazon at a discounted price of just below $400 (almost 27%) with free shipping. We suggest you look out for deals and discounts since the list price of the product is almost $550, which is quite pricy.

The price may vary depending on the seller and the condition of the product if you are purchasing a used model. For an additional $100, you can call an expert to assemble the inversion table in the comfort of your home.

This may be a little pricy but it is a good option for people who have never assembled an inversion table before and do not want to risk a dangerous accident.

Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit On White Surface

Our Rating


Overall, the Teeter EP-960 offers all the features you would want in a high-end inversion table. It is much better compared to other high-end brands in the market.

However, keep in mind that the product might not work effectively for everybody so talk to a professional health expert and use the table carefully to eliminate the risk of injuries. Also, stop using the product immediately in case it is too painful to use.

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