Right Inversion Table To Alleviate Chronic Back Pain

Right Inversion Table To Alleviate Chronic Back Pain

Inversion therapy is a very old methodology to treat chronic back, spine and joint pain. Moreover, the treatment isn't just limited to these types of health complications. You can use inversion therapy to treat muscle pain, muscle stress and other types of problems by just simple lying inverted on the best inversion table.

The inversion table isn't but a new invention to help achieve the desirable inversion to help negate the effects of gravity on your spine, helping it to stretch. The more you stretch your spine via inversion, the more decompressed it becomes.

Upside Down Inversion Table

And when that happens, the spine starts to resume its natural position, correcting your posture, adjusting any herniated discs in the vertebrae, if you suffer from this painful condition.

Moreover, another important reason why so many people are beginning to use inversion therapy is that it has the potential to steer you clear of risk back or joint surgeries that don't have good odds.

The Reasons Why You Should Opt For The Right Inversion Table

Going under the knife can be a painful experience and there is no guarantee that pain will not come back after just a couple of years. Inversion therapy is a more permanent way to get rid of chronic back pain.

Spine, back and muscle pain can be debilitating and can even immobilize the individual. For instance, if you suffer with chronic back pain, doing something as trivial and simple as picking up something from the floor can seem to be a harrowing and excruciating experience.

Man Holding His Back Because Of Back Pain

Although there are manual exercises you can perform to stretch your back and spine, in order to stay consistent and accurate with the treatment, the ultimate way to perform an inversion is to use the best of the best in inversion table.

So, What Is An Inversion?

When it comes to the inversion medical definition; inversion simply means to turn the body inwards, with the feet in the air and the head downwards. This position is contrary to the original position of the body when your lie down on the inversion table.

When you talk about the concepts that shaped the theory behind inversion therapy, the whole thing is quite easy to grasp and perform. As human beings, we walk using an upright posture - this is the natural posture that we were born with.

Man Bending From Back Pain Next To A Laptop

However, it is important to understand that in the digital age we live in, people can be seen crouched over for long period of time working on their computer laptops - and this crouching or slouching has significantly affected the natural posture, deteriorating it.

Slouching is the direct result of not sitting, standing or walking upright, which can cause the spine to slightly shift from its natural position. Overtime, this dislocation, although painless, causes a whole range of other healthy complications such as herniated discs, chronic back and muscle pain, pain in the neck and shoulder, migraines and frequent headaches.

Not correcting your posture can lead to long-term joint problem and chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Using an inversion table, you can completely and comfortably stretch your spine without injuring yourself. This stretching exercise decompresses the spine - straightening the sensitive bones and joint in your neck, shoulders and back.

Woman Upside-Down On Inversion Table

But inversion therapy does so in a very specific way. If you completely reverse a few different stances, for example, hanging an person suffering from chronic back pain from their feet, acts as an inversion, reversing the effects of gravity from the spine, alleviating related health complications and ailments, allowing the spine and the joints to be placed in their natural position.

This is the ultimate form of spinal decompression. The treatment is also referred to as gravitational traction - you are completely eliminating the force of gravity from your spine - stretching it naturally.

The best part about is the fact that you can do this at home without any professional help or training. The machine makes everything easy for you. All you have to do is lie inverted on the table, strap your ankles, and then just lower your head below your heart, lifting your legs.

Some Important Health Considerations

So, is the inversion table good or bad - well, the fact of the matter is, the therapy will only work for people not suffering from certain medical condition, which can exasperate their overall health condition. This is why it is so important to consult your medical professional before doing anything.

Three Pregnant Women Holding Their Stomachs

For instance, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is vital you refrain from using the inversion table until your baby is at least 2 years old or more. Moreover, if you suffer from high-risk medical conditions such as glaucoma, hypertension, blood pressure complications, etc. you should try the inversion therapy under professional and expert supervision.

However, if you aren't suffering from these medical conditions, there is nothing better than to invest in a top of the line table for spine stretching.

What Makes A Quality And Durable Table?

Do inversion tables help herniated discs? Well, absolutely - however, for that to happen it is vital that you invest in something that is durable, has all the right features and functionalities and is manufactured by a quality brand. Why?

That is primarily because we are talking about your spine here; which is something ridiculously sensitive and a highly important component of the human body.

Plus, when you lie down inverted, remember the grunt of all your weight will be on the table, which is why you must select a product that is designed to handle your weight and your height. Moreover, there are several safety standards that you need to ensure the product adheres to.

Inversion Table Safety

But you need to keep one thing in mind - and that is the fact a quality inversion table will cost you a bit of money. On the other hand, the benefits of a quality table make it all the more worth it.

According to physical therapy specialists and experts on alleviating back pain and stress, they have explicitly focused selecting a table that meet a diverse range of options and motions. For example, you must opt for an inversion table that provides motion ranges up to 90 degrees.

But the experts also stress on the fact that beginners and people who have sensitive backs should refrain from stretching at a 90-degree angle. You should always start by using the 30-degree motion and gradually increase the range of motion. This way, you will be familiarizing your body with the new exercise.

Again, this is where quality matters the most. When you are shopping for an inversion table, you need to look for products that are durable, exceptionally stable and are designed with a balanced frame.

The first thing you should when it comes to an inversion table therapy is to find a table that matches your weight and height. So, before you choose a product, read about it find out what weight category it comes under. It is also important to measure how much you weigh as well.

Consider Weight and Height

The second element you should look for is how securely you will able to strap your ankles and the types of ankle attachment options the machines have. For instance, if you are comfortable with fixing your ankles in a bar-attachment - although there are very few products that feature this functionality - you should go with it.

It is all about how it suits you. Make sure the platform for your ankles is versatile and adjustable as this can help you determine the right height ratio ideal for your weight and body.

Furthermore, you should also consider how comfortable the inversion table is. When it comes to foldable inversion tables, you should always seek a product that can ensure comfort and durability. The only way you can ascertain the quality of a back inversion table is how thickly it is padded with the right materials.

Inversion Table Padding and Comfort

This is where you should go with memory foam. But what type of material is best can strictly be defined by the individual. It is a matter of preference really. For example, you can also go with honeycomb padding or you could choose a table with mesh padding.

Select what your body can tolerate instead of going for something that will not suit you in the long term. Remember, you will have to use the inversion table at least 2 times every day.

There are two categories of tables you can select from. The classical model involves manual work - you will have to lift yourself up and invert yourself using the handles provided. This is the preferred method as it involves some exercises as well and it s comparably budget-friendly.

The more modern table for inverting your body is fitted with motors that do that job for you. However, these machines are far pricier and a bit difficult to maintain because if the motor stop functioning for some reason you will be stuck with costly repair jobs.

On the other hand, modern inversion tables also feature vibration pads. These pads will gently massage your back and neck while you're lying in an inverted position. Go for it if you want added comfort and convenience.

What To Consider When Buying An Inversion Table

Topnotch inversion tables guarantee two things - durability and a highly level of sturdiness. You will have to go a bit over you budget on durable models. Sure, you can select cheaper models but low-end tables aren't designed with many features, especially when it comes to ankle positioning.

Furthermore, folding inversion tables are designed with scratch-resistance paint, which means you can move the table around as much as you want. Foldable tables provide hassle-free storage.

  • Portability - Portability is another very important element you should consider. Understand that an inversion table is a big machine, so if you live in an apartment or a small house, you will need to store it appropriately. When it comes to this, always go for a table that is foldable and offers easy storage. The best products can be conveniently folded and stored in the garage or in the storeroom.
  • Solid Rubber Traction - When it comes to understanding how to use an inversion table, you have to realize the whole weight of your body will be on the table, which means the table should not budge or move even a centimeter. Topnotch inversion tables are designed with high-grade rubber feet that are skid and slip-free. You don't have to worry about the table moving or anything.
  • Go For the Best Brand - Opt for a table that comes highly recommended and has a good rating. Popular brands are reputed because they design products that guarantee quality and safety. Moreover, you also have to factor in customer services after you buy the table. Furthermore, quality tables are manufactured as per the required safety standards and always have a good warranty on them.
  • Never Compromise On Durability - So, How long can you hang upside down on an inversion table? You can hang upside down on the table for as long as you feel comfortable. However, this is also where the durability of the tables comes into play. If the product starts to make creaking sounds, this means it isn't a reliable table.
  • Buy A UL Certified Inversion Table - The Underwriters Laboratories or UL is a non-profit organization that helps ensure a particular product is made as per all the mentioned safety protocols. They check whether the table is suitable for different weight and height categories. If a product is UL certified, there is no question it is durable and comfortable - go for it.
  • You Should Always Feel Relaxed - Millions of people opt for the right inversion table to alleviate their back pain and the daily stress put on their bodies during work or otherwise. The table also provides comfort for people suffering from joint ailments and stiff muscles.

Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to compare prices and products online. You can pit two different products, both UL certified, against each other and look at what features and functionalities each provide and at what price range. The next step is reviewing various customer testimonials to see how many people are satisfied with the said product.

When it comes to such sensitive and vital parts of your body, your first instinct should always to buy something that can provide you the relaxation you are looking for. Not matter if the machine does or does not have all the fancy features, what matters most is when you lie down and stretch your back, the process should be easy and relaxing.

Some Incredible Benefits Of Inversion Table For Your Overall Body

There is a plethora of stimulating advantages of the inversion table. The health benefits of the table are both physical and mental. In regards to this, listed below are some very important benefits and reasons why inversion table is use is important and why a table for stretching the spine should be in every household:

Helps Get Rid Of Constant Joint Pain

The table for stretching your back can come in handy for both types of people - individuals suffering from chronic joint pain and those who experience it after working out.

The best way to relieve a good chunk of stress off your joints is to stretch those limbs, elongating the muscles - which can in turn enhance the blood flow to that group of muscles as well as the joints, alleviating pain and discomfort.

Inversion Reduces Joint Pain

Plus, inversion therapy is also great for people who play sport such as golf or tennis, which results in long-termed muscle stress at one particular section of your body. By stretching those parts, you can become pain-free considerably quickly.

Improves Your Lymphatic System

To put in simpler terms, the lymphatic system in your body is responsible for getting rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body on a daily basis.

Understand that this system drives these toxins out of the body in one direction. If you lie inverted on the table, you will be enhancing its functionality - eliminating the lactic acid buildup in your body.

Boost Blood Circulation In Your Brain And Other Organs

All the blood inside your body also circulates in one general direction - and the flow of the blood is against gravity. This means performing inversion stretches can potentially negate the effects of gravity on your brain, heart, liver and kidney as well as other organs.

When you flip your body and hang upside down, the effect of gravity on your organs dissipate, decompressing each organ and improving blood flow.

Say Good Bye To Back Pain Forever

The foremost reason why people buy an inversion table is to eliminate back and muscle pain. More than 50 million in the US are affected by the debilitating condition. Back pain can immobilize your day-to-day tasks, making your dependent on several painkillers and antibiotics just to get by without pain.

Inversion tables can help alleviate your pain on a more permanent basis. However, you will have to use it every day, stretching your back until the spine resumes it original position. You can also consult an expert when it comes to using an inversion table.

Doctor Spine Correction

When you talk about chronic back pain, the methodology behind the inversion therapy is simple, lie inverted to cut off the force of gravity on your back. It is a unique way of battling chronic muscle stress and back pain. The machine is what does everything for you. The therapy has been used for centuries, it is only now that scientists have discovered an easier way to perform the therapy using an inversion table.

Do inversion tables help herniated discs? When you stretch your back completely with your head below you heart, all the pressure and stress is eliminated from the little space between the vertebrae, also removing stress from the tiny nerves of the spinal cord - straightening it and eliminating the risk of herniated discs.

Relief From Joint And Arthritic Pain

It is harrowing to see that hundreds of millions of people suffer from chronic arthritis and joint pain on a daily basis. Arthritis is a very painful disease of the bones, and you have to take strong medication for the rest of your life to get through without feeling excruciating pain.

Close-up Of Knee Pain

But now you have a good and proven alternative that you can try out before doing anything else. Sure, don't stop taking your medications - but there is no harm in trying to stretch your bones to alleviate the stress put on it on a day-to-day basis. As you stretch your legs, back and overall body, the blood circulation enhances, efficiently delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to each part of your body.

You will experience a change in your body gradually after frequent use of the inversion table.

Say No To Slouching

Slouching can be a pretty bad thing and can adversely affect your body in the long run, making your prone to other debilitating disease such as constant neck and shoulder pain, which in turn leads to frequent headaches and back pain.

Moreover, if you have a slouch and work sitting in the same posture for hours upon hours, it will be quite difficult for you to normally get back your natural posture. This could really be dangerous for your spine and put a very bad amount of stress on your spine.

Slouching in bad for the spine

Naturally, if you slouch and walk with your back and shoulder slightly bent, you will appear to be smaller despite being tall. Moreover, slouching can also have a bad effect on your body's ability to circulate blood efficiently, which means you will end up feeling tired and fatigued and sleep deprived.

Using an inversion table regularly can stretch your spinal cord, positioning it naturally and painlessly.

Bottom Line

Inversion tables are the future of back pain therapy, the technology and advanced applications of inversion therapy can really have a positive effect on your overall health.

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