A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Inversion Table

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Inversion Table

One may wonder whether bats and other creatures that hang upside down from trees knew about the amazing health benefits of the activity. It is important to understand that inversion therapy came into existence and practice even before human beings discovered what it truly is.

It is thanks to decades’ worth of research, experimentation, tests and scientific experimentation that scientists in the modern age began to understand just how magnificent inversion therapy can be to help treat and possible cure back pain, spinal complications, muscle tensions, muscle fatigue, chronic pain, joint pain, etc.

Man Doing Push-Ups On Inversion Table

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can avoid undergoing painful and oftentimes debilitating surgeries to have your back fixed and pain free.

Moreover, the best inversion table completely roots out the need to undergo surgery – plus, the treatment is more long-term, spinal or back surgery does not get rid of the root cause and the pain comes back after just a couple of years.

The use of the best inversion table for the price has been strongly recommended by professional physical trainers, doctors and scientists and has proven health benefits.

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What Is The Best Inversion Table?

Before comparing prices and opting for the best inversion table, it is vital for you to first understand what inversion therapy is. After you look what it can for you and its benefits, we have discussed the topmost inversion therapy tables at the end of the article.

Inversion therapy consists of multiple stretching exercises while lying on your back with your head below the heart.

Moreover, it is important to realize that one of the most important aspect of inversion therapy involves placing both your feet slightly over your head, however, there are some techniques that enable you to place your both your feet as well as your head on the ground with the heart elevated above the head.

Inversion therapy and tables are best for eliminating the adverse health effects of gravity. This is why it has become one of the best physical therapies for treating and possibly curing chronic back pain, joint pain, herniated discs, and many other problems.

The inversion table is what you use to perform these stretching exercises that can also help reduce mental and physical stress, enhance your nervous systems, potentially slow down the aging process, makes your immunity strong, detoxifies your body, enhances your cognitive ability, etc.

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5 Critical Benefits Of Using The Best Inversion Table

There are plenty of mental and physical health benefits of using an inversion table. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most powerful reasons you should not hesitate in getting one for yourself:

Completely Gets Rid Of Back Pain

In fact, alleviating back pain is one of the primary reasons why many people in the US are spending money on buying the best inversion table for the price. After all, it is necessary to realize that chronic back pain plagues more than 60 million people in the US.

The condition is painful and at times completely immobilizes the individual. Doing day to day chores such as washing the dishes, doing the lawn, picking up the morning paper become hellish ordeals.

In regards to chronic back pain, the concept behind using inversion tables is that by lying down on your body, in a unique way, the machine can help eliminate the heavy and stressful effects of gravity on the spine. In many cases, the effects can be quickly reversed. How?

Well, the pressure on the tiny, gluey substance and the little space in the middle of the vertebrae and the roots of the spine (nerves) is maximized, considerably eliminating pressure.

Moreover, by doing so, you can also elongate your spinal cord, which is what helps quickly and more permanently gets rid of the chronic pain you feel when getting up, walking, changing clothes, putting shoes on, etc. As per scientific research, it has been positively identified that inversion therapy and tables work amazingly to treat chronic and semi-chronic back pain.

Rear View Of A Man With Back Pain

A comprehensive research in the UK determined that daily use of the best inversion table gets rid of the need to have evasive procedures done. In the study, 13 individuals with back-pain were asked to use the inversion table for their back pain or opt for physical therapy.

Ten patients opted to use the inversion table, and all ten of them stated feeling relaxed, healthy and pain-free – also stating that they no longer needed to undergo surgery. However, there were just two who felt better after physical therapy while the rest had to opt for surgery.

Eliminates Arthritic Discomfort And Pain

Did you know that in the US alone, there are more than 300 million people who suffer from arthritis? It is a painful and debilitating disease that also immobilizes the individual, making it tough for the patient to do something as simple as tying shoe laces. This figure also include women and children, it isn't just the old who are affected by this bone disorder.

Inversion therapy and tables can help considerably enhance the blood circulation in the entire body, significantly reducing the harmful effects of gravity on your bones, helping to circulate nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to reach your brain. Although the changes in your condition will be subtle in the beginning, everyday use of the machine can help completely alleviate arthritic pain.

No More Headaches

Although there is no question that headaches are considered to by a petty health issue, having frequent headaches can be dangerous and signify just how stressed you are. Moreover, having headaches should never be considered normal. Frequent inversion therapy sessions can quickly relieve your headaches.

How? Well, for started, the inversion table can help stretch the muscles in both your neck and back, which is often what causes headaches. Stressed, tired and fatigues neck and shoulder muscles can cause long lasting headaches and at time migraines as well.

By stretching your muscles and reducing gravity’s effect on your body, you can easily manage your stress levels and will rid yourself of chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches.

Wront View Of A Woman With Headache

Inverting yourself on a day-to-day basis can also help get rid of harmful toxins in the body by enhancing your blood circulation. It can completely boost the functionality of your lymphatic system.

You Can Correct Your Posture

If you have a habit of slouching when you work or when you walk, then there is no question that your posture is indeed very bad. Not having a good bodily posture can make you like a bit smaller than your total body size.

Not to mention you will always appear to be lethargic, lazy and just tired. However, the most difficult-to-deal-with problem when it comes to bad posture is the fact you will have to put in a lot of time and effort into correcting it.

However, this the time it takes can be shortened if you use the best-rated inversion table or the Ironman inversion table. The machine helps comfortably stretch your spin with causing any injury. Regular spinal stretching can help move the spinal cord back into its natural position.

Muscle Stress And Pain Relief

There is no question you don’t have to damage your body by taking multiple types of painkillers to get rid of your muscle pain. All you have to do is invest in the best inversion therapy table, practice inversion therapy regularly and voila, your muscle pain will quickly disappear. 

The best inversion table helps completely stretch the muscles in your hips, your back and your hamstrings, having a completely relaxing effect, reducing the effects of gravity on your body.

Inversion therapy can help make your muscle more flexible and pain-free. Moreover, the additional blood flow to all your muscles in the back and legs will also eliminate the need for you take pain medications.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Rated Inversion Table For Pain Relief

Let's look at some advice for you when are buying a new inversion table.

Go For The Most Durable Inversion Table

The best inversion table will guarantee durability and sturdiness. However, you will have to spend a bit more than you originally thought. Sure, you can opt for budge-friendly inversion tables, but they won’t give half as many functionalities and features as a top rated one would.

Moreover, high quality inversion tables are manufactured using heavy and high-grade, stainless steel with scratched less paint coating and sturdy, slip and skid-free rubber legs for added support and security. Moreover, go for one that also has the option to fold so that you can store it without having to worry about anything.

Don’t Hesitate To Buy A Branded Inversion Therapy Table

Go for the best-rated inversion table on the market. Reputed brands are popular for a reason – they are quality products that offer all the right features and functionalities.

Moreover, the best brands guarantee excellent customer support and their products are thoroughly tested and designed as per the safety standards outlined to them by regulatory authorities. The best way to shop for a branded inversion table is to check and see whether the product is approved by Underwriters Laboratories. 

This is a third party, non-profit organization that check for how reliable inversion tables are, whether or not it can support the weight stipulated by the company and if they are safe to use.

Man On Health Mark Ultimate Inversion Table

The Machine Has To Relaxing And Comfortable

Many people invest in the best inversion table to get rid of their back pain and muscle stress and many other people use it to alleviate their joint complications and pain. Buying a cheap table that does not have the right comfort level will not get the job done adequately and can lead to further injury.

Always buy an inversion table that is padded with durable, soft materials and has memory foam. Remember, you will have to use an inversion table at least 2 times everyday – so it has to be comfortable.

The Best Inversion Table – Our Top 5 Recommendations

Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table

The Teeter EP-960 inversion table is specifically designed to help individuals suffering with chronic or frequent back pain and spinal issues. The device is made to help decompress your spine, alleviating the constant discomfort your face while performing every day chores. Plus, it is the best thing for people who have sit and work for prolonged hours.

The inversion table has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, categorizing it as Class-1 apparatus for helping people with degenerative disc disease, tight and fatigues muscles, muscle spasms, etc. Other features and benefits of the machine include:

Woman On Teeter Inversion Table With Back Pain Relief Kit

Our Rating

  • Designed with cutting-edge ankle-lock functionality – it secures your ankles while you are performing exercises on the machine.
  • The machine is also fitted with advanced stretching integrations (Traction Handles) to help you stretch your back as much as you can without injuring yourself. The machine has 20, 40 and 60 degree positioning for advanced mobility and stretching.
  • ​The machine is designed to have unparalleled comfort and support. It is made with wrap-around and secured cups for ankle protection. The cups are ergonomically designed and fit brilliantly. Moreover, the bed flexes of the machine are contoured for enhanced comfort, helping you to stretch as much as you can.
  • ​It is designed to give you total control and has precise rotation. Performing stretching exercises on inversion table is easy and requires simple back and arm movement using your own body to invert and then comfortably resume the upright position.
  • The machine is manufactured using high-grade steel gauge and steel parts. The features for body-security are patented by the company.

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Ironman inversion tables are another sought after product on the market. They have outdone themselves with the new and improved Gravity 4000 series. The inversion table for spine pressure and back pain relief is building with a long lasting steel frame with a tubular shape. Moreover, the machine is coated with special paint that is scratch-resistant.

So, you can move the machine around as much as you want and not worry about damaging the paint. The backrest of the inversion table is tapered with memory-foam, which is also vinyl covered. This provides enhanced comfort for your back and head while you perform an inversion stretch to relax your back and spin.

The inversion table is designed with a highly durable and sturdy non-skid and non-slip floor stabilizers made from rubber. This feature provides a higher degree of stability when you’re performing stretching exercises on the machine.

Moreover, the machine is also designed to have elongated handles for enhanced handling, enabling you to resume an upright position after stretching. Other features and benefits include:

Upper Part Of IRONMAN Fitness Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

Our Rating

  • The safety covers of the inversion table are designed with vinyl
  • The machine the head, back and overall body rest is made with memory foam
  • ​High-grade and immensely durable steel components and industry-standard PVC
  • ​Ideal for alleviating back and spinal stress – helping to boost blood circulation
  • ​Powder coated frame, which scratch resistant
  • Advanced floor stabilizers made from high-grade non-slip or skid rubber

Innova ITX9700 Inversion Table

When it comes to budge-friendly inversion tables with the best features and options, nothing can compare to Innova’s ITX9700 series.

The inversion table designed for chronic spinal issues, chronic muscle fatigue, back pain along with a wide range of problems offers an easy to use and comfortably apparatus to help stretch your body to enhance blood circulation.

The ITX9700 series is designed with memory foam and is a heavy-duty machine that is also fitted with a ULP (universal lumbar pad). The pad can be sued for hot and cold compression. Moreover, the headrest pillow can be easily removed, which means you can adjust your stretching angle for more comfort.

On top of that, the Innova’s ITX9700 inversion table series is designed to have a total of 4 side positional inversion variations. Innova has made the use of the traditional side strap redundant. All you have to do is place the pin exactly where you want perform the inversion and it will fix place. Moreover, you can easily adjust your exercises.

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table On White Surface

Our Rating

This allows for advanced adjustability, comfort and increased bodily flexibility without the risk of injury whenever you use the machine. The ITX9700 is also designed with an easy to pull ankle adjustment cups/braces.

You can hold the pin for the cups in place, comfortably locking your ankles in places so that they don’t move while you perform an inversion. Other features and benefits include:

  • The machine is quite portable and is designed to fold – making storage easy and hassle-free.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • ​Designed to handle a total capacity of 300 pounds.
  • ​Has memory foam for backrest and has an easily removable pillow.
  • 4-side positional pin for secured angle adjustment instead of traditional side strap. Includes lumbar pad for hot and cold compression – however, the product does not come with a hot/cold compress.
  • The handlebars of the machine is designed to provide a comfortable, safe and convenient inverting, you can easily resume an upright position after you stretch.

Invertio Folding Inversion Table

The Invertio Folding inversion table for spine and back complications, muscle stress and fatigue is another budge-friendly machine that can help eliminate back pain and stress that has become chronic and frustratingly daunting.

The best thing about the Invertio’s new inversion series is the fact they have made it highly versatile and flexible – and on top of that, the machine is beautifully adjustable. Individuals 4 feet 10 inches tall to people who are 6 foot 6 inches tall can easily use the folding table.

In addition, the machine is integrated with a total of 26 simple to use adjustments, which you can use as per your height and weight.

The units of the adjustable components are market for added convenience. The machine is also fitted with state of the art ankle braces for additional body-weight support and comfort. This gives you the freedom to perform comfortable stretched without worrying about losing your form. Other features and benefits include:

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table On White Surface

Our Rating

  • The machine is designed to accommodate individual weighing up to 300 lbs.
  • The heavy-duty inversion table can be easily foldable for added storage ease.
  • ​Made with heavy and durable steel frame and has long-lasting and sturdy non-skid rubber legs.
  • The ankle braces/pads are designed to be padded and the handles on the machine are elongated so that you can resume and upright position easily.

Gracelove Inversion Therapy Table

The Gracelove Heavy Duty Inversion therapy table is designed for enhanced blood circulation to your spin and back reducing muscle fatigue and stress helping to alleviate chronic back pain.

The machine is ideal for people who have to sit and work for long hours as well as for those who have to stand for prolonged periods of time, for example construction workers, doctors, etc.

Gracelove Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table Upside-Down

Our Rating

Other benefits and features of the product include:

  • The machine has a very durable design. The inversion table is manufactured using high-grade steel – and is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • The nylon pads can be removed easily
  • ​The inversion table is fitted of 3-position hinges that can roll. Plus, the ankle pads are very comfortable. The clasps comfortably secure your ankles so that you can easily stretch as much as you can and then resume an upright position.
  • The average user height adjustability of the machine is 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches – meaning everybody can use the machine.

Bottom Line

So there you go all the reasons why you should opt for the best inversion table. Never compromise on quality when it comes to your health.

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